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Cyprus, like other countries, had also undergone a complete “Lock Down” to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The Cyprus Government reacted proactively with very strict island-wide measures, so as to confine the spread of the virus and ensure a low level of contagion.

All ports of entry were sealed off completely and all businesses (except those offering essential services), both in the private and in the public sector, came to a complete halt. Permission to go out once a day was granted by the government via an approval SMS and a full evening curfew was enforced from 9pm to 6am.

The strict restrictions have been worth our efforts as the total number of COVID-19 cases has been low for our population size.  As from Monday the 4th of May we were given the go-ahead to enter Phase 1 of easing of the lock down! Among others, small shops and certain businesses, including travel businesses have gradually opened with strict hygiene and social distance measures in place. However, permission to go out and about as well a reduced evening curfew are still in place.

So far we have succeeded in keeping the number of new cases to a single digit, so we can anticipate that Phase 2 of the lifting the lockdown will be implemented between May 21st – June 8th. This will include the re-operation of hairdressing and beauty salons, outdoor catering services, museums and archaeological sites to name but a few. There will be free movement by individuals and the evening curfew will end …however only gatherings of up to a maximum 10 people will be allowed.

Phase 3 (June 9th – July 13th), should see the opening of Airports (gradually and conditionally), hotels and beach facilities as well as indoor and outdoor catering services, along with the abolishment of all restrictions on individual movement.  Naturally, this very important step will entail comprehensive hygiene and protection measures both for locals and visitors to Cyprus and for all the relevant hospitality establishments.  Already the Deputy Minister of Tourism in conjunction with the tourism stakeholder’s associations (hotels, airports, travel agencies, transport companies etc) are working hard to produce effective protocols which will be applied.

Phase 4 (July 14th onwards), will see all theatres, cinemas, festivals, casinos etc… re-opening to the public.

We would like to assure you that A.L. Mantovani & Sons Ltd is keeping updated with any measures and protocols, so as to ensure that once the island re-opens to visitors, their health and wellbeing will be a priority in all stages of their tourist programme.

Please stay safe …we hope to welcoming you in sunny Cyprus soon!