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Dinners and Theme Nights

  • The Taverna and discovering the Meze

There are the informal tavernas which will allow visitors to experience Cypriot cuisine  and meze - the cornerstone of any visit to Cyprus.

 The word meze is short for mezedes meaning “little delicacies” and consists of a succession of many dishes which are shared by all guests on the table.  As most meze menus number over 18 different dishes, the central concept is to sample a variety of different specialities in a relaxed setting - it is not an endurance mission!

Meze can be either based primarily on meat dishes or fish each time with dips, salads, appetizers and accompanying dishes.


  • There are also restaurants with international cuisine for more sophisticated and elegant evening dinner


  • Memorable dinner venues can include archaeological sites, wineries and village squares


Theme Nights

We create a special evening for your group to enjoy exclusively, such as: -

 Cyprus Paniyiri (festival) theme night:

  • Takes place at an authentic village setting with dinner set up exclusively for the delegates in the village square.
  • Rustic theme will permeate the décor – flower pots, chequered table cloths, wooden chairs, traditional lacework and floor rugs, oil lamps and more.
  • Artisan Corner with demonstrations of various traditional activities such as icon-painting, coffee readers, pottery, basket weaving and others
  • Folkloric dancers and live music to entertain the guests and encourage their participation. Guests may well wonder if they have drunk too much Zivania (Cyprus schnapps) when a dancer balances up to 30 small glasses on his head while moving to traditional rhythms.


Ancient Greek Banquet theme night:

  • Togas and laurel crowns available for each guest
  • The dinner area is graced with columns, statues, flower decorations, suggestive lighting and more
  • Gods, Goddesses, Nymphs, fire-dancers and other entertainers will be mingling between the tables to tease, entertain, spoil and inebriate as required.


Medieval Banquet theme night:

  • The evening is based around wedding feast of Richard the Lioneheart, King of England, and Berengaria of Navarre which took place ion Cyprus in 1191 AD.
  • This is an evening with Knights, Court Jesters, Fire Janglers, torches, candles, heraldic symbols, sword fights, large spits with chunks meat on large grills and probably too much wine!


 Oriental dreams theme night:

  • The Orient is recreated through brightly-coloured fabrics, rugs and fire pots, belly dancers
  • Shisha corner (water pipes) corner for the guests to enjoy a range of aromatic tobacco 
  • Henna lady will be available during the dinner to provide a souvenir design on an ankle, a leg or a hand.


Additional theme ideas:

  • Black and White theme
  • 60s theme
  • Carnival Night
  • Talent Show Night
  • Casino theme
  • James Bond theme
  • A night at the fairground - bumper cars, carousels, games, stilt walkers and more
  • Sports bar night
  • Beach Party extravaganza
  • Marco Polo round the world theme