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Why Cyprus

Interesting facts about Cyprus:


• Scheduled flight connections from European, Middle Eastern and Arabian Gulf airports

• EU Member state

• English widely spoken (communication is easy)

• Euro zone country

• Safe to move around, low level of crime

• Long Summer season: May - end October

• Great outdoor weather in Winter (average daytime temperature 15C)

• Variety of experiences within a short distance: enjoy visiting mountain villages & sailing on the Med in the same day

• 10.000 years of history: many tour options available

• Many sites included in UNESCO World Heritage list

• Modern infrastructure: highway linking all towns with airports, extensive road network, good telecommunications…

• Very good hotels with conference & leisure facilities as well as Spas, experienced in flexible and private requirements for grps

•The natural beauty – Bays and forest peaks within easy access

• Splendid food and wine

• Friendly people