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Paphos Tour - UNESCO sites

Paphos was the ancient capital of Cyprus as well as the focal point for the worship of the cult of the ancient Goddess of Love & Beauty, Aphrodite

You will enjoy an exploration into the world of ancient mythology. You will not only hear about the legends associated with the Goddess Aphrodite but also about the mythological stories depicted by the extensive and well-preserved Roman mosaics of Paphos. All sites visited are included in the UNESCO List of Cultural Heritage Sites.

The tour visits:

  • Petra Tou Romiou, a rugged rock near the shore which marks the legendary birthplace of the Goddess.
  • Tomb of the Kings, an ancient necropolis carved out of solid rock and given this regal name because of its imposing character. Stairs lead down to sunken courts ringed by peristyles of Doric columns carved from the rock.
  • The Archaeological Park located behind the picturesque fishing harbour of Paphos. There the most spectacular treasures are the Roman floor mosaics discovered accidentally by a ploughing farmer in 1962, depicting mythological scenes and legends
  • Finally enjoy some free time in the picturesque Paphos harbour area with souvenir shops, cafes and other tourist facilities. An empty Arab Fort flanks the harbour which you may want to visit at your leisure to take in the view from its battlements.