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Lemesos Area Tour: Kourion & Limassol

You will visit an important ancient site (Kourion) which is one of the most spectacular on the island – it is located on a cliff top overlooking the sea with panoramic views of the surrounding area. You will also visit the Archaeological Museum of Kourion which is an interesting but often overlooked little gem. Lastly you will spend some time in Limassol town centre.

  • Picturesque bus drive through the Phassouri Citrus plantations
  • Arrival at Kourion, an important ancient city-kingdom which was destroyed by an earthquake in the 4th Century AD. The ruins are perched on a stunning cliff top setting offering panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and bay.
  • Kourion theatre boasts excellent acoustics and is still used today for performances.
  • Kourion’s public Roman baths, referred to as the “House of Eustolios”, are decorated with several mosaics in excellent condition – the various construction elements constituting the operation of the baths are also visible.
  • The Roman Agora of Kourion dates back to the early 3rd Century A.D. and was surrounded on both sides by porticos with marble columns. Nearby is the Early Christian basilica.
  • Visit the Kourion Local Museum which exhibits the fascinating skeletal remains of inhabitants of the city who lost their lives in the 4th Century earthquakes – their bodies were mummified while undertaking their last action
  • Continue to Limassol (or Lemesos as it is known in Greek) for a guided walking tour though the old town centre around  Limassol Castle where Richard the Lionhearted married Berengaria of Navarre in 1191 and crowned her Queen of England. The Castle now houses the Cyprus Medieval Museum.