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Jeep Safari

Enjoy a Landrover excursion off-the -beaten track into rural Cyprus. Panoramic views, fresh pine air and off-road fun await you. The landrovers are driven by English-speaking drivers.

 You set off from port and climb up the lower mountain foothills whose slopes are decorated with vineyards, olive and carob trees and orchards. You drive through villages and there are several stops to take photographs of the panoramic views and rural scenes en route.

This adventurous itinerary uses a combination of small asphalt roads and well-defined dirt tracks.

You can look forward to unforgettable vistas over vineyard areas, river valleys and pine forests; combination off-road driving and light ‘mini-trek’ (15-20 minutes) across diverse and rapidly changing landscapes; visit to a little-known cultural monuments, village churches or monasteries; driving through functioning and abandoned villages and some time spent along active streams and forest trails.