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Wine Tour (Kolosssi Castle – Cyprus Wine Museum - Winery)


All sites included in the tour are linked to the long history of the production of wine on the island.

  • Drive out of Limassol through the Phassouri citrus plantations to the  Castle of Kolossi
  • Kolossi Castle served as headquarters of the Knights of St John from 1291 after the fall of Acre. They consoled themselves by producing Commandaria wine, which became famous in Medieval European courts. The wine’s name takes its name from the French word Commanderie meaning Headquarters. The current castle structure dates back to the 15th century and is a fine example of military architecture.
  • Sample some Commandaria Wine at the Cyprus Wine Museum, considered one of the oldest named wines in the world.
  • The Cyrus Wine Museum exhibits document the 5500 year-old history and development of wine production on the island.
  • Tour of a popular local Winery to see the wine making process and learn about indigenous grape varieties (eg Mavro and Xynisteri) followed by Wine tasting