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Teambuilding Activities


On the beach

  • Boat building

One of our most interesting outdoor team building activities where teams have to work efficiently as a team in order to construct their own boat and compete in a regatta with a minimum number of participants

  • Beach Olympics

A range of beach team building games, where teams compete directly against each other to win maximum points in each challenge at a beach location.


Riding the waves

  • Aqua Treasure Hunt

Another popular beach team building activity in Cyprus  is the classic treasure hunt re-mastered for a Mediterranean island setting.

Each team is assigned a speedboat and must proceed clue-by-clue to the final destination where the treasure will be found!  Get ready for diving, kayaking, swimming, map reading and more….

  • Dragon Boat Racing

Boat participants must synchronized their paddling and follow their drummer’s rhythmic beat, known as the heartbeat of the dragon. A practice race will first take place before any preliminary race and the main race.

  • Sailing regatta

Teams sail their bona fide sailing boat in a regatta where team co-ordination and timing are essential.


On wheels

  • Cyprus Trophy

The group is divided into 4x4 self-drive jeeps and provided with a road book. Nothing more than a keen eye, good team spirit and sense of humour are required in order to find the way and fulfill the tasks ahead. There will be various special tasks and challenges during the route before reaching their final destination which could be a BBQ lunch at a forest clearing.

  • Go karting competition:

Select between an endurance 'Le-Mans' type format with three drivers per 'team' sharing one kart OR a Grand Prix format comprised of qualifying laps and final race

  • Vehicle building & racingEach team will not only assemble the vehicles but will also race them for a super exciting finale.

Interactive team building games

  • Walking treasure hunt with special tasks eg photo competition

The game can take place in any town OR alternatively each team can be allocated a minibus and the game can visit many different historical and cultural landmarks / areas

A unique road book is created for each group - therefore its duration, level of difficulty, type of questions / tasks can be as complicated or easy as required. Interaction with locals is encouraged (e.g. to tease out a recipe) and special tasks are included (e.g. performance of traditional dance in costume).

  • Activity triathlon

Select between archery lesson and competition, cycling relay race, air rifle shooting competition, puzzle construction and mor

  • Detective game

A customised sightseeing & interactive detective game which can be set up in any location

The script is developed by a professional and invites the teams to solve a mystery which is linked in some way to an element in the history of Cyprus.

A custom-made road book is provided to each team and includes the scenario, important information, useful addresses and contacts, the profile of each one of the suspects, some verified information, clues and directions.

The scenario is written with many twists and turns to keep the interest of the participants until the very end and it never stops to surprise…

According to the budget of the client, the game can be upgraded with the use of actors in various points and the use of a dedicated web site for the specific group/game

  • Talent Show

Each team will select its performer/s who will participate in a competition - the winner is voted by the teams together with the judging committee.

  • Compass Strategy game

The location is a woodland area in the mountains with an altitude of 1380 m

Each team must devise a strategy to use the equipment in its possession to locate the pieces, transfer them and assemble them to form a pre-determined wooden construction in the least amount of time.

  • Paintball competition


Competitive learning

  • Golf lesson and putting competition
  • Arts and Crafts: teams take part in clay making competition, mosaic making competition, Soap and candle making may the best team win!
  • Zorba the Greek dance workshop and dance competition
  • Cocktail making competition e.g. using Cyprus drinks and spirits 
  • Mosaic workshop comprising of 3 teams making one tile of mosaics with the equipment provided. Once completed tiles are assembled in one frame featuring their Company motto & logo. Their art work can be displayed at their offices.


Relax and fun activities

  • Day or sunset Catamaran cruise with optional octopus fishing
  • Buggy safari
  • Watersports packages
  • Yoga sessions
  • Spa treatments
  • Donkey riding followed by lunch or dinner
  • Cooking demonstration and lesson
  • Drum circle workshop. A Drum Circle is used in professional settings as a developmental tool to illustrate the principals and advantages of teamwork, the value of diverse abilities, and the benefits of developing camaraderie amongst co-workers. The group develops a shared purpose. Their song and the rhythm of the circle create a powerful message, demonstrating how much we accomplish when we truly come together.
  • Jeep safari with chauffeur-driven Land Rovers: The adventurous itinerary uses a combination of small asphalt roads and well-defined dirt tracks to show the participants the best and most real side of Cyprus. Enjoy the great outdoors with rapidly changing landscaped and unforgettable vistas over vineyard areas, river valleys, pine forests, bays and villages