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  • Beach Olympics
    An activity that combines team building with pure unadulterated fun!
    A range of games is set-up at a beach location and teams compete directly against each other to see who will “go for gold”.
    A DJ can be brought to play throughout the event to add to the holiday-competitive atmosphere.
    The organiser can select from a range of games including:
    On the sand: Giant puzzle, Giant Jenga, Tag of War, Sand Ski, Sack Race, Wine Barrel Relay, Beach soccer. Beach volleyball, Boules, Golf on the Sand, Army Manoeuvres
    On the water: Canoe Relay, Pedalo Relay, Sinking Boat Relay, Funny Inflatable Relay, Water Polo with inflatable boats
  • Boat Building
    A very creative and competitive team building activity!
    The event is based on a traditional way of boat building, of…some centuries old. Each team will be given all necessary materials, a construction manual and all necessary tools. After a short briefing, each will start building a boat. At the end of the event, the boats have to be raced with minimum 8-team members onboard! Each team is distinguished with a baseball cap in its own colour with the client’s company name.
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  • Cyprus Trophy
    After a detailed briefing, the group is split into 4x4 jeeps (4 pax per jeep) and provided with a road book, map and “suicide” envelope.  Nothing more than a keen eye, good team spirit and sense of humor are required in order to find the way and fulfill the tasks ahead. This is not a race, each team sets its own pace. Teams also have to complete a Quiz Competition and compete in various challenges (selection available includes: Archery, Mountain Bike trials, Compass orienteering, Walking Treasure hunt at a village stop, Puzzle Construction etc). Lunch could be a BBQ at a forest clearing. This event can be combined with “bridge building” where teams have to construct a wooden bridge for their jeep over a bubbling stream.
  • Photo Jeep Safari
    Go on location in Cyprus – Holiday Island of the Gods! Each team will be given a camera, film and set of assignments to complete. Photo evidence is required as proof each task has been completed, so no cheating! This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the language, culture and history of the island. Once the assignments are complete, the finished photo albums must be submitted to a panel of judges who decide the overall winners
  • Client Challenge
    This is definitely an event that will attract the young at heart and most certainly those with a sense of adventure! Using a specially built track, special courses can be set up to include any of the following combination of activities:
    4X4 Driving Competition
    Rally Car Experience (clients are co-pilots to professional rally driver)
    Dune Buggies race
    Go-carts competition
    Mountain Bike Trials
    Air Rifles Competition
    Giant Puzzle construction
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  • Cycle Treasure Hunt
    The day commences with a detailed briefing following which the group is split into teams. After an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the bikes, each team is given a road book, a camera and a compass. The area they have to cover includes archaeological sites, the old town market, coffee shops etc.
    On the way there will be tasks to fulfill, peeple to meet and some local specialities to sample. A truly unique and fun way to explore the Old Town.
    For those participants who do not wish to take part using a bike, a “walking team” can be substited to follow the same programme but a slightly different route. 
  • Vehicle Construction
    A very creative and eventually very competitive team building activity. The teams will be given the materials, a construction manual and all necessary tools. After a short briefing, they will start assembling the vehicles. At the end of the event, they will have to compete in special tasks using the vehicles. Co-ordinated teamwork is also required in order to pedal and drive the vehicle.
    A DJ adds to the competitive atmosphere and keeps the participant’s energy levels high.
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  • Sailing boat regatta
  • Private charter of 75 ft Catamaran, 46 ft Sailing boat or Motor yacht
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  • Camping – under canvas tents in the forest. The campsite is ready on arrival and all the only strenuous work required is finishing off a BBQ dinner
  • Air tour over the island
  • Waterparks
  • SPA and wellness treatments
  • Golf – Fishing – Football – Horse riding – Cycling - Tennis
Association of Cyprus Travel Agents (ACTA)
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