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Elegant specially created set menu dinner at a hotel or a local restaurant. A range of entertainment options is available – jazz, classical, pop theatrical… Fireworks add to the magical exclusive feel of the evening.

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Depending on the town, a variety of options is available – specialised fish restaurants, traditional cuisine, international buffet menu, French and Italian-cuisine set menu dinners, beachfront locations, restaurants in reconverted old town houses, taverns in villages, outdoor venues in landscaped gardens…

Outside catering may also be arranged at a variety of locations or in Marquees

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Let us know your client’s request and we will create it!

We are pleased to propose:

Cyprus Night
A traditionally endless meze meal can be organised either in a village tavern or in restaurants within the towns with a folkloric dance group of 4-8 pax and live musicians.

Omodhos Village Fiesta (Summer Only)
The picturesque village of Omodhos is located on the lower foothills flanking Limassol. The Monastery of the Holy Cross heads the large cobbled square of the village.  The group is welcomed by some by familiar-looking locals on their donkeys…or is it their group leaders in traditional costumes?

The staff will be dressed in traditional costumes and the rustic theme will permeate the décor – wine barrels, chequered table cloths, wooden chairs, traditional lacework and floor rugs, oil lamps and more.

An Artisan Corner is set up with demonstrations of various traditional activities which the guests can also taste: the making of traditional pitta bread, Cyprus doughnuts (lokomades),  a selection of traditional fruit sweets, the making of fresh anari cheese and more.

There will be a buffet of Cypriot dishes including dips of tahini (sesame seed paste) and taramosalata (dip made from smoked cods roe), grilled halloumi cheese, keftedes (meat balls), moussaka (pie from layers of minced beef, spices, and vegetables with bechamel topping), kebabs, lamb chops, Cyprus ravioli, chaffed wheat (pourgouri), dishes with aubergines, mushrooms, courgettes, and more.

Folkloric dancers and live music will entertain the guests while they are eating and encourage their participation. Guests may well wonder if they have drunk too much Zivania (Cyprus schnapps) when a dancer balances up to 30 small glasses on his head while moving to traditional rhythms.

Ancient Greek Symposium
An Ancient Greek feast recreated on the island known as the legendary birthplace of Aphrodite, Goddess of Love & Beauty
Tonight guests will not only meet some of the Olympian Gods but they will be treated to an evening fit for gods.
Togas and laurel crowns are available for each guest
The dinner area is graced with ancient style columns and architectural follies, flower decorations, suggestive lighting and more. Guests eat on wooden tables with earthenware plates and goblets. 
The Nymphs will appear to entertain the group during dinner ending their show with fast paced rhythms and encouraging the guests to continue the party.
Entertainers will be mingling between the tables to tease, entertain, spoil and inebriate as required.

Medieval Banquet
A tailor-made theme dinner specially created for the group takes place in old stone-built Carob Mill at Limassol old town center. It is located next to the Medieval Castle where Richard the Lionheart married Berengaria of Navarre on his way to the Crusades and crowned her Queen of England.
Guests are met by Knights, entertained by the Court Jester and surprised by the Fire Janglers' spectacular appearance and show.
The fire pots, torches and candleholders throw a warm light upon the yellow stone walls.
Heraldic signs, flags and folds of fabric are suspended around the dining area.
As the guests are seated for dinner, King Richard the Lionheart and Queen Berengaria make an imposing entrance with their accompaniment to welcome the guests.
During the meal Berengaria and her Ladies perform a dance performance to the music created by the live band.

1001 Nights Orient Dreams Theme
The recreation of the Orient through brightly coloured fabrics draped beautifully around the room as well as fire pots and rugs.
The waiters are dressed in traditional robes, headscarves and veils.
A Hubbly Bubbly water pipe corner will be created and decorated with floor rugs, pillow seats, short copper tables, candles and oil lamps.
The guests can relax at this oriental corner to enjoy the pipes selecting from various flavours of smoke.
During dinner, a belly dancing show will arouse the delegates and inspire them to try their own moves on the dance floor.
The henna lady will be available during the dinner to provide a souvenir design on an ankle, a leg or a hand.

The Pirates Return
Cyprus used to be subjected to many Pirate raids from Saracens during medieval times.
The evening’s theme is the return of Pirates to their hideaway after a day’s successful pillaging and looting, to celebrate their good fortune.
The venue is decorated as the Pirates Lair - shiny trinkets, flags with skulls and crossbones, treasure chests, parrots – the torches and table lamps cast their magical spell on all they light.
There are also barrels scattered from past drinking and partying as well as a discarded wooden boat meaning that the pirates are still around! Indeed for Captain Hook soon invades the party followed by his loyal officers and their female captives to entertain the guests with music and dancing.

Mediterranean Island Welcome
On a starry warm Mediterranean night, the group arrives from dinner at a Greek island setting complete with model replicas of a traditional island house and a village church. No island town is complete without a fresh fruit and vegetable market.
A coffee shop is set up where the backgammon players interrupt their game to greet the guests with ouzo.
An Artisan Corner is set up with demonstrations of various traditional activities which the guests can also taste: the making of traditional pitta bread, Cyprus doughnuts (lokomades), preparations for homemade marmelade, a selection of traditional fruit sweets and the making of fresh anari cheese.
Greek and Cyprus folkloric dances and musicians entertain the delegates and encourage them to dance like Zorba the Greek!

Additional theme ideas:

  • 60s theme
  • Carnival Night
  • Country & Western night
  • Heaven & Hell theme
  • Casino theme
  • Sports bar night
  • Beach Party extravaganza
  • Sunset drinks on catamaran or private sailing boat
  • Marco Polo round the world theme
Association of Cyprus Travel Agents (ACTA)
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